Slingsby T21 | BGA 782


One of the most popular vintage gliders!!



The Slingsby T21 is an open double-seater  in side by side. Just a wind shield protects pilot and passenger from the wind. With slow 35 knots, you glide through the air and are directly exposed to the wind.


This T21 is an aircraft build 1957, originally for the Royal Air Force as a training aircraft. Until 1981 it was doing his service and incredible 32,400 takeoffs it was in use. How intense the aircraft was used for training, you can see, in the still used original log book. Alone in July 1967, 795 launches have been completed. After a major overhaul in 1990, the aircraft was put back into service and landed after several stations across Europe, in the hands of the current owner. He makes it nowe available to interested parties, a two-seater flight with the T21 is one of the highlights of a flying life.


The flight performance and the speed range corresponding to a Ka8. The flight characteristics of the aircraft is very nice and harmless.



Technical Data


 crew:2   Weights:   
 length:8,16 m       
 wingspan:16,46 m    empty weight:288 kg 
 aspect ratio:11,2    max. weight:476 kg 


24,20 m²       

max. wingload:

19,7 kg/m²   Payload:   
Speeds:     without ballast in the nose:    


117 kg




 92 kt


174 km/h



188 kg


 rough air:65 kt


120 km/h     
 aerotow:65 kt


120 km/h   without ballast in the nose (18 Kg):     
 winch:55 kt


100 km/h  minimum:68 kg 
 stall speed:31 kt


52 km/h  maximum:170 kg 
 best glide:21 bei 39 kt


67 km/h     
 minimum sink: 0,85 bei 36 kt = 62 km/h Year of construction:1957 




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