Arcus M | D-KLWO | OE-9485 | D-KOWL

The Arcus M represents the peak in the developement of the 20m multiseat-class. The self-launching version combines maximum performance with maximum independence. The extraordinary handling is equivalent to 18m single-seaters.


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Technical data


Wing span:20 m65,62 ft Engine:Solo 2625-02i 
Wing area:15,6 m²167.9 ft² Cyl.capac.:625 ccm 
Wing aspect ratio:25,7  Rated Pow.:52 kW/70 hp 
Empty mass:ca. 560 kg1036 lb Fuel capacity, max. usable:40 l 
Max. all-up mass:800 kg1764 lb Max. Range in sawtooth mode:ca. 380 km189 nm
Wing loading:41 - 51.3 kg/m²7.1-10.5 lb/ft² Max. speed (prop. retr.):280 km/h151 kt (174 mph)
Best L/D:approx. 50  Built in2013 




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