Arcus M | D-KLWO | OE-9485

Our gliders are equipped with the most up to date instruments of renowned manufacturers, and we are updating them regularly with the latest software.


Safety is first priority for us, beside the standard safety equipment offered by the manufacturers, all our aircraft have Flarm, ELT and anti collision marking.


The parachutes, for pilot and copilot, are packed and maintained in the prescribed intervals of course.


Rigging-support, wing stands and other special tools for quick and easy assembling is a matter of course for all our gliders.


For easy ground handling all necessary equipment, like wingwheel, tail dolly, tow bar with fuselage-lifter is available.


And what about maintenance? Best toys need best care! Together with Christian Hynek of, we have included a set of care products. Polish for gelcoat and canopy, with appropriate cloth, tapes, special grease, bucket with sponge and chamois, even a pair of scissors and spare yaw-string are included.


In a competition you fly with water! 50 meters ½” water hose with the necessary fittings and a water meter are part of the equipment. In case the hose isn’t long enough, canisters are ready to be used.


To ensure that our glider is also protected when rigged, there's the matching all-weather cover for the entire aircraft.


For safe transportation we selected the best trailers from Cobra, with all necessary tools for easy rigging and de-rigging.


Right in the condition we like to see our gliders, we hand it over to our customers.


As a small expression of thanks, every customer gets a 'Rent-a-Glider' bucket and a bottle of our polish.