Ventus 3M

The Ventus 3 is the benchmark at the moment in 18m-class, the last European- and World Championships were won in it’s “Sport”-version. Quite recently the self-launcher – called “Performance” – was introduced. The outstanding handling ensures that the entire potential is available not only to top pilots. Simple engine operations, a steerable tail wheel and the wing wheels guarantee relaxed take offs and landings – without waiting in line for the tug.



Technical data


Geometry:  Weights: 
 Wing span:18 m / 49,21 ft  Empty weight:ca. 410 kg / 903 lb

Wing area:

10,84 m² / 102,58 ft²

  MTOW:600 kg / 1323 lb
 Fuselage length:6,68 m / 21,24 ft    
 Aspect ratio:29,9 Propulsion data: 
 Wingloading:44-55 kg / 8,1 - 11,3 lb t²    
 max. Speed:280 km / 151 kts
  Motor:Solo 2625
     Power:45 kW / 61 PS
 Built in2019